You don’t have to sacrifice your favourite flavours to commit to a kind diet. I share some of my favourite recipes to keep those delicious flavours on your tastebuds!


It can be hard being easygoing with your friends’ choices when heading out for food. Lucky for you, I’ve already been there and have suggestions to make everyone happy.


There’s some great people out there in the community making fantastic offerings. I highlight some of my favourites and want to hear what yours are, too.

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  • Steamed


    Have a craving for dumplings and live near Brisbane city or Paddington? Well look no further than Steamed! Steamed is a cosy dumpling house with great service and a warm and friendly atmosphere, not […]

  • Macadamia, brazil nut and basil pesto

    Macadamia, brazil nut and basil pesto

      When it comes to common dishes that include either meat, dairy or egg, I have come to terms with the fact that I might sometimes have to make them myself! Pesto is one […]