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Vegan cheese review: Daiya Cheese

What was the hardest part about changing your diet to vegan? Was it learning to enjoy soy in your coffee instead of full cream,  giving up those deliciously tempting doughnuts and cakes supplied at office parties, or was it maybe that creamy potato bake you always ordered at your favourite restaurant?

Well you’re not alone, I get the occasional craving for those things, however the hardest part of going vegan for me was without a doubt the cheese. That sweet, delicious, creamy, full of fat cheese! Of course giving it up was a no brainer, however I do miss it occasionally!

This craving has led me on a chase for a good substitute so that I could make all my favourite cheesy recipes. I have tried some nasty ones, some dried ones, ones that don’t stretch, and ones that simply taste like coconut oil and tofu. So when I heard of Daiya cheese, I assumed it would be no different. That is however, until I did a little research into it and decided I needed to try it for myself! I first found Daiya when I was at my local vegan grocery store The Green Edge on the north side of Brisbane.

The first call of order was no doubt, nachos, and let me tell you, it was amazing!

It melts in the oven and is a great substitute for dairy based cheeses. It is stretchy and rich and was fantastic with the tomato salsa and guacamole. I use Daiy on just about everything now, but you really can’t go past some classic toasted sandwiches with Daiya and cherry tomatoes. Yum!! If you’re looking for a good cheese substitute to curb those cravings, check out Daiya!



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